What our customers say?


Vintage warehouse Agencies was very responsive to all of our requests from providing a timely and competitive quotation to packing and shipping our goods. Our shipment arrived in the UK in perfect condition

Dickson Mundia, Webshift Group

Are you insured?
Vintage Warehouse Agencies has almost a dozen different insurance covers for different reasons. These include professional liability, public liability, all risk, fidelity, etc. However, we know that the best insurance is to engage, train and retain reliable employees. No one needs to make an insurance claim
What do you do different from other companies?
We like to smile even when doing a tough job and under pressure!
Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?
Ideally, no one should ever lose their items when moving. However, such things do happen in real life. The best protection is in the first place to procure services only from a reputable removals company. One that engages professionalism in it's work and understands that it's first duty is to protect the interest get to know where their office is situated and check if they accept responsibility when things go south. Such a company will most likely have insurance covers for professional liability. However, it is always advisable to take a personal Good In Transit or Marine Insurance cover for your goods. This will help in case of accidents.